Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine Review(All Features)

This blog is not a product selling blog here I am telling you about Spinshot Plus-2 Review as a public view so that you can get the correct decision for spending your money. 

This tennis ball machine is one of the 1st ranking machines with so many new and smart facilities. This machine has so many facilities that 

will help you to practice easily and make you an expert player.

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine review

So you can get this machine without having any second thought if you are a new player or you are a professional player. In this blog, I am going to tell you about this machine that you can get exact information and take a correct decision before buying it.

Here I am telling you about all the facilities in detail.

Secification Of Spinshot-2 Review
  • Ball Speed: 30~110 kph
  • Ball Feed: 2~10 sec per ball
  • Ball capacity: 120 balls
  • Battery life on the court: 2~3 hours
  • Power: Internal battery+External AC Power/Battery
  • Charging: 14 ~ 16 hours(Full Charge).
  • Dimension: 50H 50L 35W cm
  • Weight: 19kg AC(42 lbs)+ 3kg Battery(46lbs)
  • Construction: Non-rust powder-coated aluminum housing.

Feature Of Spinshot Plus-2 Review

All these are the facilities of this tennis ball machine. They make this machine extraordinary and helpful. All these details are below :

Quick Oscillation

This machine has a great remote control oscillation system that you can easily change from one drill to your favorite drill just by one press.

You can use all the options by using the remote control. One short press will switch the drill and one long press will stop or start the machine. You can also control this Spinshot plus-2 tennis ball machine with your smartwatch. This machine can be controlled with your smartphone or on your iPhone.

This machine also has a great technology of saving your last set up automatically for quick use. So you can also pre-set your machine for playing. This company is the first tennis ball company to provide a remote control system. This machine does not have a high spin system. This machine has a 70 mph speed of ball throwing.

Ball Capacity

This machine is small to look at but it can carry a large number of balls at a time which will make your practice break free. It can carry 120 balls at a time and can also through balls in different directions while playing. This machine can combine oscillations. So you can practice harder.

Easily Moveable

This machine is very lightweight and also had a handle and wheels so you can easily move this machine and can also carry it in your car’s back. This machine can be folded. The ball hopper can be folded and it also has an extended hopper that will help you to move it.

After folding the ball hopper the height of this machine is 18”x12”x20” and its weight is 18 kg. it has a metal body that will shine in the court which makes it noticeable.

Remote Control system

This remote control system makes this machine one of the best machines in the market. You can control it with a smartwatch, smartphone, or iPhone.

Which phone you are using is not the fact if that phone is a smartphone you can use it for control. You can also pre-set the machine for playing later. You can easily order the watch from a spin shot company. You can also use this machine manually.

Wi-Fi system

this machine has a wi-fi control system with which you can connect this machine with your smartphone or smartwatch and use your mobile as a remote of this machine. This Wi-fi control system makes using this machine easier and smarter. You can also download the Spinshot plus-2 apps for controlling this machine.

Power connection

The power connection system of this machine is very much flexible and you can use any battery at a time. This machine has a power cage where the battery sits and can be charged with the provided charger. The battery cage is separate from the power cage so that you can change the battery without opening the power cage.

It will help you to play for a long time without getting any place for charging. This machine AC mains power module will help you to charge it with any standard ac power socket.  Spear batteries are easily orderable from the spin shot website. It took 2 days for shipping this battery.

Now you can think that why do you buy this machine upon other machines?

So I can tell you if you are a smart player then you will get this machine because this machine is a great deal with so many facilities. This machine will provide you with many new and unique facilities which you will not get in any other machine.

Like a combined oscillation system or smart remote control system. For a long and hard practice, After reading this Spinshot Plus-2 review I hope you will try it, and then you will say that is one of the best tennis ball machines cause you do not have to think about the charge of how much battery you will get.

You can easily change the battery with your spear one. This will lead you to a long tennis game. This machine will help you to play all over throughout the court so you can move your body more and be more flexible.

Tennis is a game of moving body also a good exercise and plays frequently so with this machine you can play comfortably and frequently all over the court and make your game more perfect.

This machine company will give you a 2-year warranty.


What is the difference between high spin and no high spin?

High spin has a high speed that’s the difference between them the height level is the same.

What is the difference between the spin shot 2 and the player model?

With the player model, you need a phone to control it and set the manual and drill. But in spin shot 2 tennis ball machine you can control it both manually and with your phone and also with your smartwatch. If you do not have a phone there is no problem you can easily control it with its side control panel.

Can I play in a clay court with this machine?

This machine can be used in any kind of court you just have to take care of the ball that it should not get wet.

Final Word(Spinshot Plus-2 Review)

A tennis ball machine is like a friend, an opponent, or a teacher to a player. That is why a tennis ball machine should be comfortable, beatable, and easy to use. So if you want all these facilities in one machine then you can buy this spinshot plus-2 tennis ball machines without having any second thought.

Cause this machine is one of the best machines in the market. A good tennis ball machine will lead you to a good game and to be a good player. If you are a new player or an expert player this machine will be helpful for you. For a new player, it will help you to practice more and make your game more perfect.

And if you are an expert player then this machine will help you to practice more and make you a tough opponent. So before spending money on any other machine you should check this machine.

If you love this product spinshot plus-2 review then you can check out also lobster elite two Tennis ball machines that can help you to know more knowledge about tennis ball machines.

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