Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine Review

If you are a fan of lobster tennis ball machine products then I can tell you that the lobster elite 2 tennis ball machine will be one of the best choices for you after reading the review. For new tennis players and also for experts this will be one of the best friends and best training partners.

Lobster Sports – Elite Two Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine

This is one of the best machines because of its advanced and multi-tasking technology. The main facilities of these machines are

  • Lightweight
  • Triple oscillation
  • Long battery life
  • Easily movable
  • Many facilities with low price
  • It can beat all types of strokes

As I am telling you all these facilities so you will be thinking in your mind that how will it work or how I am going to believe in these words? Wait now I am going to tell you about this in full lobster elite 2 and will also provide you the link to this product.

Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine Pro’s

Light weight

This tennis ball machine has very lightweight so you can easily carry it from one place to another. Its weight is only 42 pounds.

So you can carry it in your car. For a regular tennis player, a light tennis ball machine will be very helpful and it also helps you to practice in any place or any time.

lobster elite two’s excellent  folding capability design can allow it to fin in the can so you can keep it anywhere and store easily any place you want  

Triple oscillation

It will provide you with three types of oscillation at an affordable price. It oscillates in both types vertically and horizontally. This machine has a very unique engineering design that you can also simulate a match play with this machine. 

The vertical sweep helps you to practice with the random ball around the court. The horizontal oscillation will help you to through ball all around the court like left, right, deep or short. This horizontal system will also allow you to throw the ball in a random pattern like forehand, backhand, or center position.

You can also combine this vertical and horizontal oscillation and can also use it individually.

Long battery life

This machine has a very long-lasting battery life and also the very high capacity of holding a charge for a long time that you can cover many tennis courts with this lobster elite 2 by charging it just for one time. It will provide you a 4 to 8 hours of battery life so you can play games or practice as more as you can.

You can also play several matches with just one machine without having any tension of charging. This company will also provide you with a standard dual voltage charger (100 – 240 ). This machine has also a tricky technology that will stop your machine from getting overcharged. You can also prolong your playtime by getting an external battery pack.

lobster elite 2 review

Easily movable

The durability of this machine is very good. The design of this machine is so comfortable that you can frequently use this and can take it anywhere you want to practice. It has wheels and also a handle which will help you to move it easily. You can also carry it in your car.

This machine has a folding metal handle and an inverting hopper system that makes it easy to move all around the surface.

Low price

This machine is not very costly so you can buy this machine with your budget money. Compared with the other tennis ball machines like Spinshot, Wilson, etc this machine is quite affordable.


Lobster sports elite 2 is designed for beating all kinds of strokes. With forehand and backhand stroke you can also combine your stroke with three types of oscillation systems.

Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine Con’s

Additional Costs

If needed the lobster tennis ball machine upgrade then must pay additional costs that are an AC powered machine, additional remote, fast charge etc

Longer Charger Time

It Has Been Taken Long Time To charge Full Battery

Speed Adjustment

The lobster elite 2 tennis ball machine allows to adjust the spin but there Is no option to adjust the ball speed.

Operating system

Lobster Elite Two tennis Ball Machine Control Panel May look Very Complex But It Is Very Easy To Set Up Any Shot You Want

You can easily operate lobster sports elite two tennis ball machines with your smartphone. This tennis ball machine company will provide you with both standard and smartphone remote control systems. So that you can operate it with both remote control. It will boost up your playing and practice level.

Facilities Of Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine

This machine will also help you in practice. It has unique three types of oscillation and also has a match simulating system. With this machine, you can learn to beat all types of strokes. 

It also has unique facilities of combining vertical and horizontal oscillation systems of throwing balls so which will help to improve your hitting and also make your playing skill improved.

Ball speed 10 to 80 mph
Ball hold 150 balls
Feed rate 2 – 12 seconds
voltage 100 – 240
weight 44 pounds
Court time 4 to 8 hours
Ball spin Top and back

Why you will buy this machine ?

Before buying any kind of machine one thing will come to your mind why I will buy this machine? This is a very common thing. because for a new player buying a tennis ball machine is a very important decision. Cause a good tennis ball machine will affect the game mostly.

So I can tell you that the lobster elite 2 tennis ball machine will be one of the great tennis ball machines for you. It is a very helpful machine for new tennis players. You can easily move this machine because it has very lightweight and has a copper handle and also wheels. And you can also fold it and carry it in your car. 

You can also get a modern operating system which will help you to move and use it easily. You can operate this machine with a remote and with your smartphone also. This machine is also very durable and movable with its wheels and handle. Very lightweight and long battery life. 

You are getting all these facilities in one machine at just a very low price in your budget.

So according to my suggestion this buying this machine will be one of your best decision. Because getting such a great deal at such a low price is unbelievable. All the top brand will sell their machines with facilities at a very high price. So I am suggesting you think about this machine for a second time.

There Is A Most Common Question, when buy a Lobster Elite 2 Tennis ball machine with my recommendation setup is  

Lobster Elite two Re commanded Setup

 This lobster sports tennis ball machine company will give you a two years warranty but this machine will last many years longer if you can use it properly. Because this machine has a very strong battery which lasts long and they also provide an extra battery so you can use it more. 

This machine company lobster sports is making tennis ball machines since 1970. 

And this company successfully win the trust of all the customers and sold their products with pride. This machine is also very trusted by professional players. As a newcomer, you can also use this machine for practice and growing up your skills.

Final Word

Tennis is not just a game it is a passion for many. Many people love this game and are so much serious about this game. So if you are a passionate player of tennis then this machine can be one of your best friends. 

You can play with this machine in your home and outside also cause this machine is small and easily movable. Lobster sports elite tennis ball machine is one of the best and modern versions of tennis ball machines. hope this review is very helpful for finding low budget tennis ball machine with the best support  

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