How to Sleep with Tennis Elbow

How to Sleep with Tennis Elbow: Advice & Tips

Sleeping with a tennis elbow is a challenging nightmare. You cannot move your elbow and place it as you want. Therefore, it becomes a painful incident for your entire night. That’s why you should know how to sleep with tennis elbow peacefully.

If you are a tennis player or involved in doing too many activities bending your elbow, you may face tennis elbow. It’s a condition where you will face pathetic pain. You may wonder if there is a single painless way to sleep with a tennis elbow.

There is no chance you will discover much away, but there are some tips and advice that will help you to sleep in a better way. You will also find a good review of the best tennis elbow braces on the market.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a condition when you face severe pain in your elbow due to playing or bending your elbows. Mainly, you will have to bend your elbow several times if you play tennis or other sports. In that time, your elbow’s tendon gets damaged.

That will create a painful condition that is called the tennis elbow. This condition refers to repetitive tissue damage in your elbow. When it happens, you will feel pain and can’t move or bend your elbow.

How to Sleep with Tennis Elbow Pain

how to sleep with tennis elbow pain

How to sleep with a tennis elbow is now a burning question. It may cause much suffering in your sleep. Mainly, tennis elbow is a painful health condition. It may ruin your sleep cycle to a great extent.

However, some common ways will help you sleep with a tennis elbow. We will cover them below in several sections. Before that, let’s see how you can handle your tennis elbow.

The first thing you can do is to avoid using the affected arm. It will only work if you have one hand tennis elbow. You can stop using the tennis elbow. But what will you do if you have both hands tennis elbow?

In that case, you can strictly follow the bed rest and consult a doctor. It will take time to recover. Until then, you have to be patient and bear the pain.

Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow

To sleep with tennis elbow, you can follow some physical therapy. It will be best if you consult a physician and follow his advice. You cannot do anything and follow every treatment for your tennis elbow.

One of the primary physical therapies would be to relax your arm and make it straight. You cannot move your elbow. You should avoid bending your elbow; otherwise, it will damage the tissue.

Another best way would be to follow the three best tips to help you recover your tennis elbow. Let’s see and explore the best three tips to get rid of tennis elbow pain and find your best match in this regard.

Tips to Sleep with Tennis Elbow

It’s time to explore the top 3 best tips to sleep with Tennis Elbow. These are also practical solutions. You should know these valuable tips to treat your tennis elbow if you play tennis or other sports.

Avoid Using Affected Arm

Avoid using the affected arm is the first tip to treat tennis elbow. Let’s say you have a tennis elbow on your left or right hand. You need to stop using it to perform any activity. If you use the affected arm, it will damage the tissue severely.

In that case, you can use your other hand in most cases. You can bandage the elbow and make it straight to save your affected arm. Thus you can stop using your affected arm.

However, using the affected arm will increase the pain and further damage the affected tissues. It may cause permanent pain. After a few days, you won’t be able to move the arm anymore. So, stop using the affected tennis elbow arm. Use the good and relax the tendon.

Straight Tennis Arm

When you face tennis elbow, you have to straighten the tennis arm. Notably, in times of sleeping, you must have a straight tennis elbow. You cannot bend it and sleep.

It will increase the pain and ruin your sleep. So, the ultimate tip is to go to bed early and then relax the tennis arm; after that, place the tennis elbow arm straight. It may be painful for a few minutes, but the pain will go away.

You can use a pillow and place the affected arm on it. It will give you peace and relieve the pain a bit. Don’t move a lot. You should not concentrate on the pain and try to sleep soon.

Avoid Sleeping With Tennis Arm

Here is the most crucial tip to treat your tennis elbow. It is to avoid sleeping with a tennis arm. It’s a must-follow tip for you if you have tennis elbow.

Most people love to sleep on the elbow or place one arm under the pillow or head. If you have this habit and damage the elbow tendon, you have to avoid placing the tennis arm under the head.

You can change the habit for a few days or use the good hand and place it under the hand if you badly need it. It will be your best solution indeed.

Why is Tennis Elbow so painful in the morning?

The tennis elbow is painful in the morning. The main reason is sleeping habits and moving the affected arm. These two are why tennis elbow is so painful in the morning.

So, the first reason is moving the tennis elbow while sleeping. It’s the first reason tennis elbow is painful in the morning. You may go to bed, relax your affected arm, and sleep for hours.

Within this time, your tennis elbow may move a bit; actually, you moved it unwillingly. That’s the ultimate cause of getting pain in the morning.

On the other hand, you may have the habit of placing your elbow or hand under your head. If you have that habit, you may use your tennis elbow unintentionally. Therefore, you will feel pain in the morning.

Tennis Elbow Treatments and Tips for Recovering

We have talked about tennis elbow and tips to follow. It’s time to recover your tennis elbow in some simple and effective ways.

tennis elbow treatment

Warming Elbow:

If you want to recover your tennis elbow quickly, you have to warm it. There is no other effective way to recover it. In this case, you can wear soft and warm clothes and wrap your elbows. 

It will make the elbow warm, and you will feel better. The best time to warm your tennis elbow is at night. When you go to sleep, you can take warm and soft clothes. You can even use your towel. It will serve the purpose nicely.

Wrap the elbow properly. Don’t make it tight. And let it relax overnight. It will slowly become hot and give you great relief.

Wear loose clothes:

You cannot wear tight clothes or skinny dresses. They might damage the tendon intensely and increase the pain indeed. Therefore, you should avoid wearing tight clothes. To solve this issue, you may wear a loose dress or t-shirt. Night-dress will be your best option.

It comes with loose-fitting. Therefore, your tennis elbow will be relaxed and help the tissue to get well soon. Therefore, wearing loose clothes or dresses is your second best way to treat tennis elbow. these are the main symptoms of tennis elbow

Heat Elbow:

You might wonder why we add the heat elbow option here. The previous one is to warm the tennis elbow using a towel or soft clothes. Here, you need to use a hot bag or hot water to treat your tennis elbow.

It’s time to treat your damaged tissues with hot water directly. It will help to regrow the damaged tissue and soothe the pain. Some people may advise you to use the ice. But never listen to them. Ice will damage your tendon further.

Only the heat can help you get rid of the tennis elbow pain. These are the best ways and treatments for tennis elbow. You follow all of them without any doubt. They work fine. And most professional players also follow these tips and recover from tennis elbow quickly.

Among these tips, using heat or hot water is the best one. You should follow it regularly before and after sleeping. If you use it at night, it will soothe the pain and give you good relief. When you use it in the morning, you can start a good morning without having unbearable pain.

Final Thoughts

If you read our tips and go through this entire write-up, you will know how to sleep with tennis elbow. After researching for hours, all the information and methods were proven, and we added them to our list.

So, there will be no more confusion and struggle. You need to stop doing what is bad for tennis elbow. And start doing what is beneficial.
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