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7 Essential Core Exercises For Tennis Players To Improve Tennis Skills

Here I am telling you about the 7 most important and easy core exercises for tennis players If you are interested in tennis then you have to learn about core exercises. Then read this blog this will help you to read and see how to do core exercises for tennis players.

Core exercises are one of the most important parts of tennis. If you don’t know about core exercises then you have to learn about them. Now the first thing that comes to your mind is what is core exercise.

What is core exercise?

Core exercises include some exercises that will support your muscles which will help to lower the risk of lower back pain and injury. Core exercises help muscles from getting injured and also improve your tennis performance.

If you are trying to get better in your tennis and prevent injuries then you have to be serious about your core exercise. If you are a tennis lover and want to make your tennis better and injury-free then you have you follow core exercises. If you do core exercises regularly then you can see the changes in your game quickly.

Here I am telling you about the 7 most important core exercises which will help you to improve your tennis.

1. Warm up plank before starting a core exercise

This is important to warm up your body before doing any kind of exercise. Without doing warm-up exercise any kind of exercise can be harmful to your body. It can be a reason for muscle pull.

For the warm-up, you have to lay down on the ground and pull your body up on your hand and toes. Keep your hand straight to your shoulder and keep your belly and legs in a straight line. Then take your right leg to your right hand then go back to the previous position. Do the same with the left leg. Do this core exercise for at least 10 sets. You can follow this video

2. Forearm plank

Planks are one of the best ways to strengthen the muscles around your spine, lowering your risk for lower back pain and injury. Lay down on the ground straight and use your elbows and toes to keep your body up from the ground straight.

Have your elbows directly below your shoulders and hands in line with the elbows. This will help you to increase your strength. If you can hold this position for 1 minute without falling then it will be a sign of your strong core.

Forearm plank - Exercises For Tennis Players

At first, if you can’t hold this plank for 1 minute then it’s alright because it’s hard to do at first. But you have to continue this exercise every day for getting a great result.

3. Plank with arm and leg lift

This exercise is also a plank. You have to start this exercise with a normal plank on your hand and toes with a straight body line keeping your hand straight under your shoulder.

Then slowly lift your left leg and right arm together but you have to keep your belly and hip up and straight. Keep this position for a few seconds then low down and lift your right leg and left arm together. Repeat this process at least 20 times.

Plank with arm and leg lift - Core Exercises - Tennis Players Exercise

Whatever exercise you do for your core strength you have to follow them regularly.

4. Butt lifts for core exercise

This is one of the great and easy exercises for core strength. For doing this exercise you have to lay down on the ground and fold your legs. Then lift up your butt with the support of your back and leg and spread your right leg and keep this position for a few seconds.  Then do the same process for the left leg.

Butt lifts -Tennis Player Exercise

This will help you to make your leg strength and prevent your back from getting injured.

5. Reverse crunch for back strength

This core exercise is good for your lower abs. For doing this core exercise you have to lie down on your back and bend your legs and bring your knees to your chest.  

Lift your hips off of the ground, rounding the back. And then reverse to the first position. Make sure that your legs are not swinging at the time of the movement.

Reverse crunch for back strength - Core Exercises For Tennis Players

While doing this exercise your movement should be slow and controlled.

6. Side plank for core exercise for obliques

While playing tennis you have to bend and twist your body so many times. So this side plank is the best core exercise for tennis players. You can move into a side plank from a regular plank, or you can start on one side, resting on your hip and hand.

Lie down on the left side of your body and keep your right leg on your left leg. And keep your body weight on your left hand. Then raise up your left leg. do the same with your right side. you can follow this video

Side Plank Obilique -

This exercise will make your obliques strong.

7. Windshield wiper for abs and hip

This exercise will hit your obliques, abs, and hip and it also stretches your lower back and chest. For doing this lie straight down on the ground then spread your arms in a T position then pull your legs up to 90 degrees.

Keep your knees straight. Then slowly drop your legs to the right side until they touch the ground then pull it up. Do the same on the left side.

Windshield wiper for abs and hip - Core Exercises For Tennis Players

repeat this exercise daily then you can see the core development of your game.


  • How to access my core strength?

There are so many ways to access your core strength. Core exercises for tennis players will help you to know this. While exercising how long you can hold your position and how long you are able to perform in a good form will be counted as a measurement of your core strength.

  • Why core exercises are essential for tennis players?

 A tennis swing transfers the power from your lower body to your upper body. For transferring the energy from the lower body to the upper body your core strength has to be in a position. Core exercises for tennis players will help you to improve your core strength. It’s not only important for winning a game it’s also important for preventing yourself from getting injured.


After doing all those exercises can you feel the fire in your body? These core exercises for tennis players are followed by professionals. But you have to take a healthy diet, a 30-minute workout, and plenty of water every day with these exercises. If you are new to yoga then you can find a training center nearby for practice. Practicing alone for the first time sometimes can be a reason for injury. also read our blog about practicing tennis at home to improve your tennis skills

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