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Common Tennis Injuries And Their Prevention

Hello, are you a tennis lover? then common tennis injuries are your daily partner. Because for tennis players especially new tennis players tennis injuries are a widespread problem. In this vlog, I am trying to help you to learn about common tennis injuries and their prevention.

There are many kinds of common injuries like traumatic injuries and overuse injuries. some injuries are upper limit injuries and some are lower limit injuries. Here I am telling you in detail.

Common Tennis Injuries with Infographic


The Most Common Injuries Associated with Tennis Are And Their Prevention

1. Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is an upper limit and overuse injuries. This is a common injury for tennis and other racquet players. It actually happens to overused muscles. Because while playing tennis elbow is the most used part of our body.

The symptoms of tennis elbow are weak grip and pain or burning felt on the outside of the elbow.


Get your racquet with a perfect grip and comfortable string to reduce the stress on your elbow. And if you got hurt on your elbow then you should rub some ice there and take a rest. Use an anti-inflammatory cream there. check our top-picked Tennis Elbow Braces in this review

2. Sprained ankle

This is a lower limit and traumatic injury. While playing tennis you have to run all over the court so at that time ankle can get twisted or stretched out. Sometimes one of the ligaments in the ankle can be damaged.

You can see the symptoms like pain stiffness and swelling. sometimes the ankle can feel unstable and bruised.


Tennis socks with extra padding can help you to prevent this kind of common tennis injury. You can also use to pair of normal socks. It is to make your ankle more comfortable. Avoiding the problem is better than curing it.

3. Rotator cuff tendonitis

Rotator cuff means the case of tendons and ligaments which supports the arm at the shoulder point. Most of the time this injury rotator cuff happens to the occasional players because of their wrong serving form. This injury is very painful.

Symptoms of that injury are severe pain and weakness in your shoulder. you can feel difficulty while lifting your arm and crackling noise while moving your shoulder.


This common tennis injury can be treated non-surgically. you can use heated rice there and anti-inflammatory medicine or steroid injections for healing. And sometimes physical therapy can benefit able for the symptoms of cuff tear.

4. Stress fractures

A stress fracture is a common tennis injury. Because while playing tennis you have to face hypertension, rotation of the trunk, and backward and side bending. As you have to move your body so much that is why the vertebra of your body got to stress out. As a result stress fractures can happen. There are two kinds of stress fractures.

Foot stress fracture

Tennis is a game that fully depends on your foot. So a crack on your foot can be a common injury.

Back stress fracture

Hypertension and heavy pressure on your lumbar region can be a reason for a stress fracture on your back.

Symptoms of this common tennis injury can be severe pain. and if your bone got cracked then you can feel tenderness and pain on that part.


If a stress fracture happens then you should stop playing for some days and give your body some rest. Rub some ice on the cracked part and use inflammatory medicine to prevent swelling and reduce pain. Use some protective wear to keep your cracked stress free.

5. Knee injuries

Knee injuries are a very common injury in tennis. In tennis, a tennis player has to run, jump over and over again and also bend his knee so many times. That’s the reason why knee injuries are a very common injury in tennis. Most probably two types of knee injuries happen.

Jumpers knee

This injury is also known as patella tendonitis. In the jumpers’ knees, the tendons of the player got damaged by repetitive strain. You can be sure about this injury by an MRI.

Torn knee cartilage

This kind of injury actually happens because of twisting, decelerating, or a sudden impact.

This kind of injury can be identified through manual tests by a physician.


To prevent knee injuries you should do proper warm-up exercise and wearing tight shoes can also help you. Make sure that the tennis court is clean and also check the slippery slots to avoid getting slipped before starting playing.

6. Chondromalacia

These kinds of injuries are very common tennis injuries. Most probably this injury happens because of wrong alignment, or overuse of the knee joint. young tennis players sometimes face these kinds of injuries because of their wrong and unexpected steps.

Symptoms of this injury are pain around and under the knee cap.


To prevent this kind of injury you should learn about alignment and correct steps for playing. And use comfortable tools.

Some Other Common Injuries in Tennis

  • Blisters

Blisters mean fluid-filled sacks on the skin most probably occurring from shoes or holding rackets.

  • Plantar fasciitis

These kinds of pains are commonly felt at the bottom of the heel. You can feel the pain on the first step in the morning.

  • DOMS

It’s called delayed onset muscle soreness. This kind of pain actually feels after 24-48 hours of intense workout or after doing any new work.


All these 3  injuries up there are very common tennis injuries. Any kind of inflammatory ointment and rubbing ice can be helpful.


Tennis is a game full of energy thus many kinds of common tennis injuries occur. prevention is better than cure. So for being a good player you should maintain all kinds of security to protect your body from getting injured.
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