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Top 09 Best Tennis Rackets 2022

Tennis is one of the most popular international games and also an excellent game for energetic people. If you are a tennis lover, you know how important the best tennis rackets are for tennis players.

A winning tennis game mainly depends on the tennis racquets. So here in this blog, you will get to know about so many best tennis rackets, which will help you find your best choice at a reasonable price.

Our Top 09 Best Tennis Rackets in 2022

Name Weight Grip Head
98.2 inches
11 oz
98 inches
8 oz
115 inches
11.5 oz
100.2 inches
9.0 oz
41/8 to 41/2
110 sq inches
10.7 ounce
4 ¼, 41/8 , 43/8
98 sq inches
100 inches
11.8 oz
95 sq. inches
11.2 oz
4¼ to 41/8
100 sq. inches

In this chart, you can get all the information about all the best tennis racquets popular in the market and get the most positive reviews. So you can decide on your best choice. Here I am telling you in more detail to get more specific information.

Different tennis brands have various facilities and options, so I am telling you specifically about other brands’ best tennis racquets. Because not every time branded, things are best. don’t forget to check out the best tennis racket for kids

Babolat is one of the most popular brands in the tennis market. Their tennis strings are also prevalent. So you can trust this brand for tennis racquets easily. This racquet has a 98.2 inches head size, and it has a 21/23/21 thin section.

A new and unique combined intelligent system makes you feel more comfortable and powerful while playing. For aggressive hitters, this is an excellent choice because of its stability. You can get more spin because of its 16×19 string patterns.

It has a 305g weight. Many grip sizes are available in this racquet. So you can choose any size you are looking for. These racquets developed technology that will ensure you maximum power and control. In this technology, they combine the square beam frame with the regular elliptic structure.



Head is a different brand with great best tennis racquets. This tennis racquet brand has got a rich history from the 1990s till now. Andre Agassi started to support it first. By doing regular updates of their cosmetics and technologies, they can successfully keep their racquets in the list of best tennis racquets.

Graphene Touch Radical MP tennis racquet is one of the best tennis in the market because of its multipurpose activity and advanced features. This racquet is a potent weapon for players who like to play with various combinations with more power and control.

It has a 16 X 19 pattern. You can get two colors in this racquet and a 4 ½ grip size. This racquet is perfect for intermediate to expert players because it will give you a solid stick with extreme power and a mid-plus-sized head. This racquet frame has an 11.0 ounces weight, and a 4 points head light frame balance, which will be an excellent combination for the players.

Players who like to play with a plow-through shot and have the arm strength to accomplish this tennis racquet is one of the best choices and also an excellent option for the players looking to whip the head through the zone to impart extra spin.

Severe players This racquet is one of the most favorite racquets because of its advanced technology and regular updates, so if you want to buy a tennis racquet, then this tennis racquet can be one of the best tennis racquets for you. Here are the pros and cons of this racquet.



This is the other one. This racquet is also one of the most populist racquets of the HEAD brand. It is one of the best tennis racquets for players with medium strokes and searching for extra-large head size. 

Ti.S6 is preferable because of its large head size because it has a 115 inches head. It will also provide you with torsional stability, and also its lightweight will give you more power and control with great comfort. This racquet has 27% extra length also has a 28.5mm beam. Its head is 1″ heavy, and its total racquets weight is 8 oz.

The cheap price of this racket makes it also popular so,  you can save your money by buying this racquet. This is not important that expensive things have a sound quality and cheap items have lousy quality. This racquet brand will provide you with a no1. A quality racquet that will help you to save money and get a great durable and comfortable racquet at a time. 

Because of these remarkable qualities, this brand can hold its name as a 1st listed for a long time. If you can touch your customer’s needs carefully, your product will get a good place in their hearts



Graphene 360 racquets are best for their traditional string pattern, buttery stiffness, and signature technology, which will provide extra power and extra stability in the lower head for every player craving.  

Novak Djokovic also endorsed this racquet. It has an 18×20 string pattern and 62-RA stiffness. It has a 23mm beam, an updated version from the last generation, which will help you get a higher swing weight with more stability. This racquet is an excellent option for advanced players looking for optimized control.

Because of its regular update, it was successfully able to take place in the player’s heart and get a firm place in the tennis market. This tennis racquet has more excellent stability, providing you with energy transfer technology and a new head-turning design. It has a great layout with a featured bold black and white color-blocking in the shaft area.

Its unique carbon fiber in the head makes this racquet beautiful as its performance. This racquet will give you more control for your fast-paced game with its 18/20 string pattern, which is made for higher control during fast rallies.



This is one of the most popular and high-ranked racquet brands in the tennis market. Since 1914 this Wilson sporting goods co. has been famous in the tennis market for its racquets.

You can blindly believe in this racquet company for a good game. This tennis company continuously pushes their innovations to make their racquets more updated for the players to win. This tennis racquet company also makes tennis pieces of equipment and racquets for a player at any age or style or kind of.

So you may have your best choice in this brand. This tennis racquet is populist because it is one of most favorite and sold hyper carbon models. With a slight heavy balance, it is also light and maneuverable. This model is not as severe as other hammer models. This 27.5 model has more leverage and is perfect for the players of the 4.0 – 5.0 level.

The hammer 5.3 stretch racquet has an ideal combination of tempered power control-oriented features. Doubles players may choose oversize because of the power provided on serve with plenty of forgiveness and pop at the net. 



Featured with feel flex to connect the players with balls, this Wilson blade 98 16×19 countervail tennis racquet is one of the best and most famous tennis racquets in the Wilson blade series. It has a carbon mapping design placed throughout the frame.

These feel flex increases frame flexibility and stability. They added a new top handgrip for a more comfortable top handgrip in their latest version of the racquet to make their racquets more updated. This is an excellent choice for avid blade fans to make their performance good and rule over the court.

This racquet is a slightly more headlight for more power and stability and gets better control over your racquet. It has a composition of basalt and braided graphite, making it more comfortable and helping to get better control. It also has a similar drilling design with a more forgiving string bed response. Its beautiful colors (lime green, silver, black) make it more likely for the players. 

Aggressive players who like a big hit with a commanding feel This racquet is best for him. For the new generation, hard-hitting players, this brand is also equipped with various string patterns, swing weight, and head sizes.

Its flexible beam will make you feel more connected with the ball. This is a blade version for fast and challenging hitters; this racquet is one of the best choices. For a player who likes to customize their racquets, this racquet is also a perfect choice.



This Tecnifibre unisex adult Tf40 305 tennis racquet has a great classic feel, and you can also perfectly bit a modern game with this. It’s like an old movie in the new order. This racquet passed in the playtest with a good number.

If you make an old movie with new technology and screen, it will be a super hit now as like that this racquet is an old classic racquet with new features and technology; that’s why it is a super cool model for players. This racquet is a very comfortable model for new and old players.

It has a three-colored frame which is a mark of Tecnifibre,s 40th anniversary. This racquet has an extra dwell time and pocketing system, which will give players an instant connection with the ball. This racquet has a DYNACORE XTC technology which makes this racquet unique and gives you complete comfort. 

In a month-long playtest, and in their varying games with this racquet, all the testers were delighted with the perfect blend of control, power, and feel. This racquet has a hefty nature with each swing and has an impressive level of stability and the ability to redirect pace. 

Tecnifibre made this unstrung designed racquet to combine elegance and performance. This racquet is also used for playing is ATP world tour and is also suitable for baseline players. Its primary material is a combination of graphite and Dynacore XTC with a 22 and 25 kg max tension.

We are very thankful to this tennis company because they provide an extraordinary range for women, 11 – 13 tears old ATP players, by excelling the player populations. This racquet is an excellent choice for experts and pro players with highly trained body strength.



Prince has the popularity for its classic pattern. Right now, they are introducing some new racquets. But they try to maintain their class pattern. As a result, Prince comes with the T extreme Tour 95 Tennis Racquet.

T extreme is the best fit racquet for aggressive players. They want to have a powerful racquet along with balance control. In this case, Prince T extreme is just an excellent fit for them. It creates enough spin along with the power. Thus aggressive players will find it as their best partner.

Especially lower power will amaze you. You will reveal the entire heaven from there. When you hit the tennis ball, it will go straight and generate power. All things will happen for the racquet’s strength and build quality. This racquet comes up with more weight than an average one.

When you use this racquet for the first time, you might face issues with its weight. But that will occur for only a few days. However, if you are already using a heavy racquet and are very okay, Prince T extreme will reveal many of the best features to you. On the other hand, it will make your arm painful. Heavyweight might be a severe concern for you.

Also, it is a flexible racquet. To every pro and experienced player, it will give them a relaxed tennis playing experience. One pound of its weight will not be an issue for the aggressive players. Once they get used to it, they can use the racquet from every angle. It has versatile use.



Here comes another good choice racquet for the intermediate and advanced players. An experienced player will look for a racquet that can absorb the shock and vibration. Only better technologies can ensure that. Here comes Yonex EZone 100 plus. It offers technologies and string features that help players return the volley comfortably.

Apart from that, EZone 100 plus will create enough spin and a good amount of power. That ultimately helps a player play good tennis. In other words, Yonex follows the rule of thumb. We all know the importance of this role.

The main theme of the rule of thumb is “Thicker the beam, more the power.” Yonex makes its tennis racquet have thick beams to provide the player with more powerful shots. Besides, the thicker beam offers the players an additional gripping facility. That helps to control the shots and the racquet easily.

An 11.2 ounces racquet indeed gives you better comfort than a heavier one. On the other hand, the frame, three headlights, and the swing weight give you stable performance along the way.

Also, it has a broader range of tension. That will provide flexible controlling power to the players. This type of tension will create controlling spin and power. That’s how it becomes one of the best tennis racquets for both the intermediate and the advanced players.



How to choose my best tennis rackets?

As you are a tennis player, you have to choose your tennis racquet in your comfort zone. A tennis racquet may have all the facilities which make it a popular tennis racquet in the market, but that’s not mean that it is the best tennis racquet for you.

Now I am telling you how you get your best choice. Before buying a racquet, you have to think about how good you are at playing? If you are a new player or an expert player, both of you two have to choose your racquet differently with a different structure. Here I am highlighting the main points.

Head size

Head size is significant for a tennis racquet. Mainly a tennis head size refers to the total surface area of the string bed, and it’s usually measured with square inches or centimeters. A racquet with a large head will give you more power, and a racquet with a small charge will provide you with more control.

So for new players, professionals recommend a racquet with an ample head, and for a comfortable player, they recommend a racquet with a small charge. As professional advisors, players generally play with a standard head size of 98 inches, and new players, as a piece of advice, will start their playing with a larger head size of 106 plus head size.

Professionals can use their power for hitting and choose sweet spots while playing; that’s why they choose a small head size for more control. And new players are learning how to shoot correctly and how to control that’s why they are suggested to buy a racquet with large head size.

As an intermediate player, you can choose a racquet with a 99- 105 inches head size. As you get more comfortable in your game and more expert, your racquet head size will get smaller.


The weight of your racquet is very much significant. It is a very critical factor to choose the right racquet weight. Because if you choose a racquet heavier than your requirements, then it can cause harm to your hand and also make you feel discomfort and incur in your arm and shoulder.

A lightweight racquet is easy to move, and a heavyweight racquet will give you more power. Besides, it can also be a reason for your power loss and can also harm your timing. So I will suggest you buy a light racquet for more practice and gradually go for a heavy racquet. First, getting a heavy racquet can be harmful to your hand and muscles.


The last thing is grip. Your racquet should be so comfortable that you can get a comfortable and firm grip. If your grip is not strong, then you cannot hit the ball powerfully.

Professionals recommend racquet grip through your thumb size. When you grab your racquet as a forehand, there should be a finger to a pencils gap between your fingers and palm.


Tennis Is mostly a game of balance; if you can balance your body and racquet perfectly, you can be a winning player, but you can not play a good game.

For balance, you have to get a racquet in your comfort zone; either it will harm your game or your body, so before getting a racquet, you should learn about a racquet’s perfect balance. A racquet’s balance means the distribution of weight within the racquet. It is divided into three ways: 1. Headlight (hl) 2. Even balance (eb) 3. Head heavy (hh).

A balance indicates a point scale. With negative numbers means headlight; the larger the number, the more the head is light. With positive numbers indicating head heavy, the larger the positive number, the more head heavy. Small numbers close to 0 indicate a more even balance. Here I am telling you in detail.

Headlight (hl)

The headlight racquet has more dependence on the handle of the racquet. If the headlight racquet gradually gets heavier than you, it will add more maneuverability and more control over the racquet’s head.

These kinds of racquets reduce the vibrations in the handle and make it less powerful. These racquets are suitable for players who use heavy racquets and want to swing with more maneuverability.

Even balance (eb)

An even balanced racquet is perfectly balanced on both sides. This type of racquet has an equal distribution of mass on both sides (head, handle). These types of racquets have the same strike between the two.

Head heavy (hh)

Head heavy racquets have a more concentrated weight to the head side. These head-heavy racquets will give lightweight racquets more power and stability, which will help to prevent the racquets head from twisting or moving while you are playing.

These types of racquets will be challenging to maneuver. But it will be an excellent choice for the players who like to play with lighter racquets and want more stability with a guarantee of not twisting the racquets head. Strung racquets are more head-heavy than unstrung racquets.

If you follow these rules while choosing your racquet, you will be able to find your best racquet. The best tennis racquet will make your game a winning game and make you more comfortable while playing.

Best Tennis Racquet For Advanced Tennis Player

Advanced players are masters of controlling power and using spin. They can turn the match towards them at any moment. Besides, they have excellent footwork. It helps them to move forward and backward within a moment. They create pressure and make their volley the best.

Having all these skills, an advanced tennis player will look for the best tennis racket. In this case, we included some of the best rackets for advanced tennis players. Among them, the Prince T extreme tour 95 is the best-fitted one. It has all the features, including a slightly heavyweight.

Also, you can check out our other nine tennis rackets because our experts find them at their best. Therefore, all the rackets must have some essential features and quality. That is why they are on our recommended list.

In addition, you might want to know how to choose the best tennis racket for advanced players. To get your answer, you need to go through our buying guide. There we explained it. By following those tips, you will easily find the best one.

Best Tennis Racket For Intermediate Players

A newbie starts their tennis journey without having all the advanced skills. Indeed, there are scopes to learn the skills to be a pro player. Meanwhile, after spending quality time on tennis, a player will learn the basic skills, including controlling and spin. But to be the master of tennis, they need support from the racket.

The racket that provides extra power and complete spin control best fits an intermediate tennis player. One more thing to consider for such players is the racket’s weight. A heavier tennis racket might provide extra mover, but it would not be easy to move it. Especially for intermediate players, a lightweight racket is the best fit. 

Keep all these requirements in mind; you can check Yonex Ezone 100 plus tennis racket. It is lightweight and provides considerable power and spin. Also, its controlling power is incredible.

You may check the other racket’s features as well. Thus you may select a compact tennis racket as an intermediate player.

Best tennis racket for the beginners

Wondering why we add it here? Well, there is a reason behind it. If you have already read the articles and come along the way, you already know about the intermediate and advanced players.

It would be easier to select the right one for you. Let’s say you’re about to start your tennis playing journey right on the way. Now, what do you need?

First thing first, you need a racket. Here comes all the confusion. What should you look for in a beginner’s friendly racket?

First, look at the perfect balancing and lightweight, lightweight tennis racket. If you search for a while and go through our product’s cart, you will find the budget-friendly beginner’s tennis racket.

Also, don’t forget to check out the buying guide. You might get some new info in this regard. 

Moreover, you may look for pre-made string rackets. Rather than going for the open string, you will find some ready-made tennis rackets. As a beginner, you might not have a stringer or add some burden to your playing journey. Also, this type of racket comes with a friendly budget.

Intermediate Vs. Advanced Rackets

We have already described the intermediate and advanced players’ skills and their suitable rackets. Now, it is time to explore the rackets. Basically, there are some fundamental differences between intermediate and advanced rackets. If you know them well, you could easily decide the best one.

Intermediate rackets are primarily like the supportive ones. Players who have started learning skills and controlling power must need the proper support from their racket.

One of the most important things is the swing mood. You have known your swing speed and choose the racket accordingly. In this case, the racket must come with lightweight. Also, the racket should give you enough grip to generate power.

Apart from these, your racket’s string should be flexible. Most of the premium category rackets have these standard features.

Advanced rackets also have some criteria. You will find hundreds of different advanced rackets. Some come with heavyweight, others may have lightweight. But it will ultimately depend on the player’s skill.

Advanced players sometimes go for the heavier one as it helps them to create a big power shot. And most of the advanced rackets ensure the rule of thumb.

Best Tennis racket for control

In every game, controlling plays the game-changer role. If you can manage perfectly, your chance of winning will be higher. The same goes for the tennis racket. In this case, you need to take into account some issues, including string tension.

Some rackets come with open strings. That means you can make it as per your needs. If you like to have flexible strings, you can do it. Though most of the rackets come with open strings, you will find some ready-made rackets as well. In this case, you need to know your comfort.

After that, if you look for that particular string-type racket, you might get the perfect match. On the other hand, if you like to go for the open strings, you may make it yourself. In this case, you use a stringer if you want to. Advanced players would prefer to make their string tension flexible. read a blog post about the best tennis strings

You may check our cart and get your dream racket from there as we pick out the rackets considering all the required factors. Do not forget to check them out.

Length also plays an important role here. It would help decide whether you will go for an extended-length racket or the shorter one in control. Ask yourself which one do you prefer? After knowing your comfort, go for that particular type of racket. Be sure you will get that. That’s how you can find the best tennis racket for control.

What Balance of the racquet is best?

Balancing a racket mostly depends on the weight distribution. It is essential to check out the weight distribution of the racket before making your final decision. In this case, you need to get out of your brand sometimes. There are reasons behind this.

The brand that you’re using right now might not maintain the proper balancing. You will get thousands of other brands over there in the marketplace.

However, when you look for the answer to the best balance racket, you need to know about the ideal weight of the racket. Usually, 280-320g is the weight of a racket.

The Balance of the racket will entirely control the swing weight. It is essential to control the power and the swing at the same time.

Head-heavy rackets are the ones that most people go for. It produces the best power. But it has some downsides as well. It may create shoulder or arm pain if you are using it for the first time,

Also, some rackets have light-heads. This type of racket is friendly for beginners. It decreases the chance of tennis injury while the head-heavy racket increases the probability.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which tennis racket brand is the best?

Wilson, Head, Prince are the most famous tennis racket brands. But don’t hesitate to check out other brands as they also come up with excellent tennis rackets. Sometimes you will find the best tennis rackets from unknown brands as well. To get the best-fitted brand, look out for their racket’s features and compare the price with a similar brand.

What is the best women’s tennis racquet?

Most of the tennis rackets are for both genders. Still, if you need to know about the best women’s tennis rackets, then you need to check out the HEAD, BABOLAT, and WILSON Clash 100. These three brands are well-known for their women’s tennis rackets as well.

Do any pro tennis players use oversize racquets?

Very few pro players use oversize racquets. But you might find advanced players who use oversize racquets. Once you become a pro or advanced player, you will have all the advanced skills. Therefore, you won’t go for the oversized racquet; instead, you will go for the powerful one.

Final Verdict

First of all, thanks for reading our entire article. If it helps a bit, it would be our pleasure. We write on the top ten best tennis racquets. We give all the required information and related pros and cons. That can ultimately help you to make your final decision.

If you are a beginner, you must read our buying guide. There we write details about the features and essential facts about the tennis racquets. However, you might make your decision and find out the exact match. Also, we write for the advanced and intermediate players. Make sure you also find out your match.

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