Top Reviews On The Best Tennis Racket For Kids In 2022

Finding out the best kid’s racket is no more a difficult task. You can search anywhere and purchase one. You will find hundreds of different racket options online and in your local sports shops. But if you want to get the best tennis racket for kids, you have to keep some requirements in mind.

First, you have to buy a comfortable and easy-to-carry tennis racket so that your kids can easily carry it and play tennis. You have to consider the size, quality, and other factors before selecting the right tennis racket for your child.

Here we found the top ten best kid’s tennis rackets. They are in different sizes and ensure top-notch quality. Besides, most of them are budget-friendly. You will be amazed to see their price according to the quality. So, keep with us, and explore the entire write-up.

If you are looking for the right guide for your kids to learn how to play tennis then I recommend this article for you and your child to read.

Top-Recommended Best Tennis Racket for Kids

If you are running out of time, and want to know about some top-notch racket suggestions, you may consider buying from these three best kid’s tennis rackets. They will fit in your budget and will be an excellent choice for the kids.

Best-Quality Kid’s Tennis Racket Best-Budget Friendly Racket for Kids Best Value for Money-Beginners Pre-Strung

Tennis Rackets for Kids by Street Tennis Club

Wilson Junior Prime Tennis Racket

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Tennis Rackets for Kids by Street Tennis Club
Wilson Junior Prime Tennis Racket
HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

What’s The Right Age for Kids to Start Tennis?

In today’s world, kids are now more adopted. They can start playing from a very early age. And, you can introduce tennis and other sports to your kids at the age of 2 or 3. It will be fine. When you ask about the right age for kids to start tennis formally, the answer would be 5 to 6.

Five-year-old kids have the ability to start playing tennis formally. It will help them to build muscle, as well as learn different skills as well. Moreover, you can let your kids play informal tennis from 2 or three. It will help the kids to get used to tennis.

If you plan to make your kid a successful tennis player, you should introduce tennis before the required age. It will help your kids find interest in tennis more than the other kids.

The Best Racquet Sizing Chart for Kids

Here is the best racket sizing chart for the kids. You can find your kid’s tennis racket size from the chart. It will also help you find out the best tennis racket for kids.

Kid’s Age Racket size (Inches) Kid’s Height (Inches)
Under 4
40 or less
Under 6
47 or less
Under 8
52 or less
Under 10
56 or less

Do You Know How To Measure A Kid’s Tennis Racket?

You might wonder how to measure a kid’s tennis racket. Don’t worry; it’s not a challenging task. You can measure the size of your kid’s tennis racket. You need to measure from the racket’s handle butt to the head tip. That’s how you can find the right size racket.

You may follow other methods, but it is the most widely used method. It will also give you the accurate size to help you find your kid’s tennis racket.

It will create issues if you can’t buy the right-sized tennis racket for your kids. You should not let your kids play with an incorrect-sized racket. Therefore, you should check the racket size chart before purchasing your kid’s racket.

Why is it essential to have the right size kids’ tennis racket?

It is crucial to have the right size kids’ tennis racket. Otherwise, it will create some physical problems for your kids. First of all, your kids can’t enjoy playing tennis with a bigger or smaller tennis racket. They cannot play either if the tennis racket is too small or large.

Therefore, you must buy the right-sized tennis racket for your kids so that they can play better and enjoy it. A smaller or bigger racket will cause some struggles for your kids. Maybe the kids can’t bear the weight. In fact, they might get injured due to the incorrect racket size.

You should buy the right size racket for your kids for all these reasons. You can go through our size chart and know which size fits your kids best. If you have already purchased the racket, you can measure it by the given formula.

Finding the right sized racket for your kids

What to Look for in a Junior Tennis Racket

You should look for the quality, building materials, price, comfort, and other factors in a junior tennis racket. These things will help you get the best tennis racket for kids from the hundreds of different brands’ rackets.

Kids rackets and other gaming materials should have a robust build. So that, the products can stay for a long time. If you buy a less quality racket, it will not last for a year. That’s why quality is essential.

Additionally, size and comfort also play a vital role in choosing the best racket for kids. And when you look for a junior racket, you must ensure the right size for your kids and the comfort. You can go through the customer review sections and get ideas about comfort.

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose a kids tennis racket

Do you know how to choose the best tennis racket for kids? Maybe or maybe not. It’s not that easy for a beginner or a non-tennis person to select the perfect kid’s tennis racket. However, we come with all the required things and facts that you should know before choosing your kid’s tennis racket.

The factors that help to find out the kids or junior racket are:

  • Racket Size
  • Racket Quality
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Balance
  • Grip
  • Budget

Racket Size

First, you should choose the right size racket for your kids. It’s a crucial factor for your kids. A correct size racket will help your kids to play better tennis. He can also comfortably handle the racket if you buy the right size racket.

Typically a 19 to 25-inch tennis racket is the best kids or junior-friendly racket. You can also check the racket chart for kids’ tennis. There are different sizes of rackets available. You should check according to your child’s height and then go for the perfect racket.


After finding the perfect size for your small child, you should first check the tennis racket’s quality. Only a quality racket can meet your kid’s requirements. We all know kids cannot take care of their toys and sports materials that much, yet they love them.

Therefore, you should give them a top-notch racket that will last for years. When you compromise the quality and buy the average quality racket, you cannot expect it to last for a long time. That’s why you should check the quality of the tennis racket before making your final buying decision.


Kids must play with comfortable toys and rackets. You will find some mainly designed kids or junior tennis rackets. You should chem them out and decide which gives the best comfort in carrying and handling.

The comforts of the tennis racket will depend on the racket’s size, grip, and weight. Keep reading to know about these factors below.


If a single feature can help you decide the best tennis racket for kids, that will be the weight. You should choose a lightweight tennis racket for your kids. In that case, 6 to 9.5 oz or anything around 250 grams will be an ideal weight for the kid’s tennis racket.

When you look for a tennis racket for your kids or child, be sure to get it under 250 grams. It will help your child to control the racket and play comfortably. On the other hand, if your child is 2 or 3 years old. You should go for the 150 grams weight. It will be a perfect match for your little child to carry and play with.


The balance of the tennis racket is a must-check feature. A tennis racket consists of both the handle and head. If any one of them is too heavy, it will no longer be a suitable racket. Both the head and handle grip must have a balanced weight.

The head size and the handle size should be even. You need to check it yourself and feel the balance. Some tennis rackets are there, which are heavy and have bigger head sizes. It won’t be a good choice for your kids


Gripping is the most vital factor in playing tennis comfortably. You should check the handle of a tennis racket and check if it gives enough grip or not. If the racket is poorly designed or has poor build material, it will come up with a bad grip.

On the other hand, a better quality tennis racket must ensure the proper grip on the handle. You can also add additional gripping material to the handlebar. But it will be costly. It’s better to check the handle grip before choosing any kid’s racket.


After getting all the required information, you may think of the budget. That’s a good point indeed. Mainly, a quality kids racket will cost you around $50. It will depend on several factors.

If you look for a budget-friendly racket, you will get under $30. They are delicate and have most of the features you need for your kids. We have included all types of tennis rackets in our list. If you go through all ten tennis rackets, you will indeed find your best match.

1. WILSON US Open 23 Inches For Under 10 Years Child

  • WILSON US Open 23 Junior Youth Recreational Tennis Racket

    4.7 out of 5 star

Best brands produce the best products; we believe so. Here, we select our first recommended kids tennis racket brand that has dominated the sports market for over a hundred years. It gains people’s trust through the best-quality and budget-friendly price.

Wilson US Open 23 Junior tennis racket is an excellent choice for you. It has everything you might look for in a racket for your kids. It is a 23 inches racket perfect for a growing child of 7-8 years old. If your child is around 8 or 7 years old, you can go for this fantastic racket.

Kids need something to swing easily with a lightweight racket. Here this racket is only 0.49 pounds. It will be a perfect light racket for your child. Your 7-8 years old child will carry it and swing it perfectly.

Vibrant and colorful frames will make your child happy to play with. You should give something vibrant so that kids can use the rocket or any other playing instruments.

Also, the build material is composite, which makes the frame durable. It’s a sign of the quality racket. Whenever you plan to buy a kid’s bracelet, you must check the quality first. Stable build quality must be there.

After getting all the quality features from a single racket, you must check whether it is pre-strung or not. A pre-strung racket is better for kids. It will save your budget too. And Wilson Youth racket is a pre-strung racket. Thus it has become one of the best tennis rackets for kids.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Vibrant color frame
  • Value for money
  • Pre-strung
  • No graphite protection on the frame
  • Delivery takes a few times extra

2. Tennis Rackets for Kids by Street Tennis Club

  • Tennis Rackets for Kids by Street Tennis Club

    4.7 out of 5 star

Have you heard about the street tennis club? It’s a renowned tennis racket brand that ensures the best quality racket for which it becomes the top brand in the sports industry. If you want to develop the tennis skills in your kids, you can buy the Street Tennis Club’s racket.

In a kid’s racket, you check the build material. Since kids are careless about their toys and rackets, you should buy them a sturdy build racket. Here, the tennis rackets for kids by the street tennis club come up with the aluminum frame. That means your kids will not break it easily; therefore, it will last for a long time.

Apart from the build material, the head design is better for most parents and children. The head size will allow your child to hit the tennis ball pretty much every time. A child must hit the tennis ball to get enough confidence and build up the skills.

On the other hand, this tennis racket has three different sizes available. You can use these rackets if you have a child under ten years. It has a 17,19,21 inches tennis racket. They all are kid-friendly.

The racket has a different color variation, making it a good tennis gift for your child. Also, you can choose the child’s favorite color. It becomes the most crucial reason why people like the street tennis club. It ensures a colorful tennis racket for the kids.

Apart from the tennis racket, you will also get a video game. It is an additional gift from the Street Tennis Club. Your child will love it and enjoy playing video games while going through the tennis field or traveling anywhere.

These are all the quality features that force us to include this in our recommended list. It is the most sold tennis Kid’s racket on Amazon. It has all the features to be the best tennis racket for kids.

  • Durable frame
  • Top-notch string
  • Colorful Design
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect sizing
  • Additional Game
  • Nothing has been found yet

3. Kids Tennis Racket Starter Kit for Kids

  • 4.7 out of 5 star

What do you know about Insum? It’s a sports brand. It introduces some top-notch quality rackets for the kids. It has different sizes for different ages kids.

You will get five sizes of racket that will suit pretty much every kid from 2 years to 10 years old. That’s the best thing about these quality rackets. You don’t need to worry about the right size racket.

Moreover, the aluminum frame is there to give you the best build quality that lasts longer than ever. It will ensure that your child will not break the racket within years. So, parents find it a blessing to offer their child an aluminum frame tennis racket.

Although it is a kids-friendly tennis friend, it has 35-40 LBS string tension which is more than enough for a child to hit the tennis ball. Every time they hit the tennis ball, it will give them confidence.

It is designed according to the ITF rules and regulations; therefore, you can introduce an international kids tennis racket to your kids. Besides, the racket is built with the Fischer Racket Technology.

On the other hand, You will get ¾ head coverages that will protect the racket from damage and ensure the best delivery.

Some users claim to have damaged the product for a faulty delivering process. Here the four protective layers will ensure the default and actual product on your hand.

Before placing the order, you must ask the seller about the delivery issues or how they will deliver it to your door. It will help you avoid delivery damage or contact the seller if you find any damaging product.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable frame
  • Strong tension
  • Easy to carry with carrying bags
  • Some delivery issues are there.

4. Weier Junior Tennis Racket for Kids Toddlers Starter Racket 17"

  • Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket for Kids Toddlers Starter Racket 17

    4.7 out of 5 star

Are you worried about the racket quality? Do you need a money-back guarantee from the seller? Then you come across the right one.

The Weierfu Junior Tennis racket for kids is there to meet your needs adequately. It has a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can buy their product and enjoy it.

Though it has a money-back guarantee back guarantee, you will not claim the money because it has superior quality and all the essential features that you want from a kid’s tennis racket.

First, the entire racket is made with aluminum material. It ensures the most durable body frame that you can see in a tennis racket. You don’t need to worry about durability.

Then the weight of this racket is only about 150 grams which is incredibly lightweight for a child under eight years. You should not give anything that may be a burden for your child. And, Weierfu knows it better than anyone else.

Their rackets are 17 inches long which will be feet for the toddlers. If you want to introduce your toddlers to a real tennis racket, you should go for the Weierfu Junior. It is one of the best tennis rackets for kids and toddlers.

The size and the weight of this racket make it easy to swing and play better tennis. Also, your kids can easily control the racket while hitting the tennis ball. It is a crucial part of the kid’s tennis racket.

Again, the packaging comes with a quality bag that will keep the racket safe and attractive. Your toddler will especially enjoy carrying the tennis racket.

  • Top-notch build quality
  • Easy to control
  • Compact Size
  • Comfortable Carrying
  • Best value for money
  • It’s a toy type tennis racket

5. Wilson Junior Prime Tennis Racket

  • Wilson Junior Prime Tennis Racket

    4.7 out of 5 star

Beginner-friendly rackets are a better option for toddlers and kids. They need rackets to start playing with and get familiar with tennis.

Therefore, Wilson Junior Prime Tennis Racket is there to properly meet your kid’s needs. It has all the features a parent looks into a kid’s tennis racket.

First of all, size comes in. You need different sizes depending on your child’s height. This one is 25 inches, and it will be best for 10 and 11 years old kids.

Additionally, you will get different sizes options. If you need another size racket, you can go for it as well. After that, the weight of the racket comes in. It is only 0.1 kilogram which is very lightweight.

Your child will play tennis comfortably, and they can easily swing the racket. It will also help them hit the tennis ball pretty much every time.

On the other hand, the build quality is also excellent. You will get a composite material made durable tennis racket. Your child can roughly use it without having any issues.

The Wilson Junior Prime tennis racket has two color variations; one is orange, and one is blue. You can go for your favorite one, and it will be a colorful racket for the kids.

Through the customer review section, you will find hundreds of positive reviews about this racket. Most of the users are satisfied buying this racket since it has a brand value despite all the good features.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry and swing
  • Colorful Racket
  • Best Value for money
  • It doesn’t have any cover

6. Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

  • Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

    4.6 out of 5 star

 If you don’t find the right racket for your child yet, you should go through the Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racket. It has four different sizes and different colors as well. Therefore, it will give you more options to select.

Aluminum-made body frames are there to offer you the most durable kids’ tennis racket. Your child can roughly use the rackets without having any particular issues or breaking the tennis racket. It will last for a long time.

Besides, it is only 6.5 ounces weight which is extremely lightweight so that your child can play with it easily. It will not become a burden for them, and they can swing it and play better tennis at their pace.

After getting body frame and weight, what do you look further into a child tennis racket? There are sizes, colors, and more. The best tennis racket for kids must ensure the perfect size for the child. And, Gamma Sports knows it better than others. It has come up with four different sizes. You can select the right one for your child.

Then the colors come in. Four different sizes come with four different color variations as well. That means you can buy another colored tennis racket every year when your child grows up.

Apart from all the features, parents also want to get a reliable brand value so that their child can play with quality rackets, and here Gamma Sports is a renowned brand. It ensures all the best quality in a racket. Therefore, you can rely on them and buy this racket for your child.

  • Durable build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Colorful
  • Perfect size
  • Best Value for money
  • No cover is there.

7. HEAD Instinct Junior Girls' Tennis Racquet

  • HEAD Instinct Junior Girls' Tennis Racquet

    4.8 out of 5 star

Mostly, kids’ rackets are uni-sex; you can use them for both male and female kids. But, if you want to get a girl tennis racket for your little kids, you can go for the Head instinct Junior Girls’ Tennis Racquet. It’s one of the best tennis rackets for kids.

It has all the features you want from a particular kid’s tennis racket. First, it is an excellent lightweight tennis racket that is only 7.5 ounces. And, the weight balance is perfect. You know how important it is to get a balanced weight tennis racket for kids.

After that, the body frame is made with aluminum material. It is durable and lasts for years. You can rely on their frame and let your child enjoy playing tennis with it from the beginning. It’s a beginner-friendly tennis racket for kids.

Then the sizes come in. It has several size options from where you can select your child’s required tennis racket. You can also find the toddler’s tennis racket from them.

Again, the balance of this tennis racket is top-notch. Your child will get a friendly tennis racket in every way. It’s a balanced tennis racket suitable for both toddlers and kids. They will love to play with this racket indeed.

Apart from all the good sides, it has some drawbacks as well. It does not come with a headcover or any additional carrying bag. It seems unusual for parents to give their children a tennis racket without a cover.

  • Lightweight
  • Balance Racket
  • Great design
  • Long-lasting body frame
  • Best Value for money
  • No head coverage
  • No carry bag

8. HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet-Beginners Pre-Strung

  • HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

    4.8 out of 5 star

When you look for the best budget-friendly and quality kid’s racket, Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet will be there for you. It offers all the pro features within a friendly budget reasonably priced.

You might think it has any size options since it’s a budget-friendly tennis racket. But it has. You will get four different sizes starting from 19 inches to 25 inches. You can choose according to your kid’s height.

Moreover, Head has an excellent reputation for the quality of their products. Their products are made from aluminum, durable, and a better choice for the kids. So, it will be an excellent blessing as well.

After these features, you might want to know about the weight of this product. It plays an incredible role in kids’ rackets. You cannot buy a weighty tennis racket and make it a burden to your child. Here the Head knows it and makes their products lightweight. This racket is only about 170g or 6z.

Apart from all these things, you will wonder if Head Speed Junior Racket has one year of manufacturing warranty. It will give you additional confidence and reliability to choose this racket for your child since you can claim the warranty within a year.

If you find any error delivering damage, you may ask the seller; they will change it and give you a replacement as well. However, this racket has only one drawback, which is its cover. It doesn’t come with any cover or protection though it’s a pre-strung tennis racket.

And, it’s common practice to don’t find any cover or carry bag with most of the updated kid’s rackets.

  • Best Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to swing and carry
  • Durable build
  • Proper grip
  • Powerful hit
  • No cover

9. Dunlop Nitro Junior Tennis Racquets

  • 4.7 out of 5 star

Here comes another budget-friendly and quality product from a different brand, Dunlop. It is also a reputed brand having good popularity as well. You will find this racket helpful in many ways despite the budget.

It comes in four different sizes, which will fit your kid’s height and age. If your child is ten or below age, you can select the best available size for them. The size starts from 19 inches to 25 inches. You may decide whenever fits with your child’s height.

The aluminum body frame is also there to become the most durable and ensures the top-notch quality racket for your child. Most kid’s rackets come with an aluminum body frame to become a long-lasting racket so that your child can play rough and tough.

Moreover, it is a pre-strung racket, which means you don’t need to worry about the string quality and other factors. You may rely on them. And, it will save your time and extra effort to string the racket. It’s an advantage of this type of racket.

Before choosing the best racket for kids, you should look at the head size and the grip size. These two are the most negligible parts though they should ensure the best quality to become a balanced racket.

Here the Dunlop Nitro knows it better than anyone else. It has a balance head size and grip size as well. Head size is 95 inches, and grip size is 4 inches. They are both okay.

  • Great build quality
  • Perfect balance
  • Durable build quality
  • Compact Design
  • Kids friendly
  • Slightly Weighty
  • No cover

10. Crefotu Tennis Racket Set for Children,17 Inch Racquet

  • 4.6 out of 5 star

Do you want to get a toddler’s friendly tennis racket set that will work as the badminton set? You’re waiting is over. Here the Crefotu Tennis racket set is the best tennis racket for kids and toddlers. It has three tennis balls and four badminton shuttlecocks, making it a complete set for your kids under 4 years old.

You might want to introduce tennis and badminton to your toddlers and want to get them familiar with the sane set of a tennis racket.

This set of tennis rackets is suitable for parents looking for the best quality toddler’s tennis racket. Moreover, this set of tennis rackets is the number one Amazon’s choice for toddlers and parents. You can play with your kids with this set.

Since they are toddler’s friendly racket sets, they are budget-friendly as well. You will get them for only $20. You will get tennis rackets, which are toy types, three tennis balls, and four badminton cocks.

And, of course, they are all plastic-made products; therefore, they will last longer, and your toddlers will not break them easily.

Since it is a 17-inch tennis racket set, it will fit your toddler’s height. Toddlers will control the racket perfectly without having any issues at all.

  • A complete set for the toddlers
  • The tennis set will work as the badminton set as well
  • Colorful
  • Durable body frame
  • Additional tennis balls and shuttlecocks
  • Carrying bag
  • Plastic made body

Best Junior Tennis Racquets for Kids 4 to 7 Years

Head Speed will be the best junior tennis racquets for kids 4 to 7. It has an aluminum-made body frame, is lightweight, and has other top-notch qualities. Moreover, you will find different sizes for the various ages of kids. There will be no issues at all.

Moreover, you can check both the Head tennis rackets for kids. Most of the products come with similar features and characteristics. You will not find any significant difference between them. And, they are budget-friendly as well.

Best Junior Tennis Racquets for Kids 7 to 10 Years

Wilson Junior is the best junior racquet for kids 7 to 10 years old. They will come with all the professional features and qualities as well. You will not regret buying this racket in any sense. Wilson Junior Tennis racket is one of the best tennis rackets for kids.

You don’t need to worry about the quality and other facts. Though it doesn’t come with a cover, you will find top-class aluminum-made rackets from the Wilson. So, you should check this brand before going to the others.

Best Tennis Racket Brands for Kids

All the brands that we include in our list are the best. But mainly, Wilson, gamma, Head are the best tennis racket brands for kids. People love these brands and rely on them as well. So, if you struggle to find a better and more reliable brand, you may consider buying their rackets for your child.


Keep with us and find some queries’ answers regarding the best tennis racket for kids.

How do I choose a tennis racquet for my child??                                                          

You can choose the tennis racquet for your child by keeping some primary factors in your mind. Head Size, material, build quality, size, and weight are the basic things you must consider before choosing a tennis racquet for your child. You can also read our buying guide before choosing the tennis racket.

What age are junior tennis rackets for?

Junior tennis rackets are for 2 to 10 years old kids. You will find every required size for your child. We have already given a chart of the needed size and kid’s height. You will find it helpful to decide what size of the rackets are suitable for your child’s height.

How to pick the right size kids tennis racket?

To pick the right size kids’ tennis racket, you should go through our chart list. Typically 17 inches racket suits toddlers under two or three years old. 19 inches are better for four years kids. 21 is for the six-year-old child, and 23 is for the child under six or seven years old. And 25-inch rackets are suitable for kids under ten years old.

How much do junior tennis rackets cost?

Junior tennis costs around $25-$30. It’s an average price range. You will find lower prices, which will also be a good choice for you. But 25 bucks are the best price range for the kids and junior rackets.

Final Thoughts

We have talked about the top ten best tennis rackets for kids. They are for all the kids and toddlers. We tried to cover rackets for both two-year-old kids ten years child. You will find every suitable size for your kids.

You may also find our buying guide a perfect match and the most required chart for you. It will help to find out the best kid’s racket as well.

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