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Top 5 Best Tennis Ball Hoppers Reviews 2021

Are looking for a tennis hopper? Do you need a suggestion on how to select the best tennis ball hoppers?

No worries. We are here to help you in this regard.

A tennis hopper is really a worthy investment from both sides of the player and the coach. If you’re a coach this is an amazing helping tool for you. For a player, a tennis ball basket is a time-saving option for your personal practice and drills.

It helps to collect and hold the balls. A good tennis hopper is always a blessing if you have back issues, such as back pain or something like that. You don’t need to collect the balls manually, rather you need to just hold your hopper over a tennis ball, the hopper will do the rest.

Here Is A List Of Our Top 5 Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

  1. Wilson Tennis Ball Hopper
  2. Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper
  3. Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhoppers 
  4. Tourna Bellport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels
  5. Gamma Tennis Ballhopper Balltube 18Ball

How To Select The Best Tennis Ball Hoppers? (Buying Guide)

However, you’re looking for the best tennis ball hopper, right? This is the most crucial and challenging part. People do struggle here. Some end up with a feeling of great sorrow. But, we will make sure you have the best one among the thousands of available hoppers on the market.

As we research lots of market place and went through a huge number of tennis hoppers, we can tell you which one is the best suited for you.

There are certain factors one should bear in mind while selecting a hopper. But if you have any personal preference you should look for that particular feature first. Also, remember, there are other factors to select the best tennis ball hoppers.

We research a lot in order to find out all the factors a player or coach might think of.

Key Features: Tennis Ball Basket

  • Capacity: This is the most important feature one may look for in a tennis hopper. Someone only uses the hopper to keep their tennis balls secure. There are different sizes and variations are available. 
  • Quality: Generally, quality has its own place in the key features. You need to check out the legs, handles, and material that is used. 
  • Material: Different hoppers have different materials. Some use metal, some use polypropylene, and so on.
  • Lid: This is something that you should look for. The lid will help you collect the balls without bending. 
  • Weight: Another crucial part of a hopper. Always look for a lighter hopper. The standard weight might be 4-5lbs or something between them. 
  • Handles: If you need to carry your hopper throughout the court, you should go for a comfortable handle. To be very specific, coaches will find it helpful.
  • Price: Here is a piece of good news for you. You get some best tennis ball hoppers within your budget. This is amazing.

Capacity comes first. If you’re a coach or a tennis player, you just cannot play with a single tennis ball. So, you need something to carry your tennis balls.

Also, you need to focus on practicing but if it requires you to go and collect the balls every time, it will disrupt your playing mood. Here comes the hopper. A tennis hopper is the best solution in this case.

Moreover, you also have to look for the handles and lid. A lid is something that secures the tennis balls when they are not in use. After that, you need to go through user experience and weight. Weight is something that will bother you if you choose a bulky one.

Generally, metal or graphite is used for the tennis hopper. They both are good materials. Always pick up the lighter one. You need to carry the hopper from home to your playing ground. So don’t forget to check out the weight of your chosen hopper.

Benefits Of Using Ball Hopper Tennis

You may have queries like “Why should I invest in a tennis hopper?” Also, before buying any products you have the right to know what the benefits you’re going to have from that one.

Basically, the tennis ball hopper is making the job easier for you. Collecting tennis balls is tiresome work. As a player, you need to hit lots of tennis balls. This will be difficult for you if you need to collect those balls manually. After a certain time, it will cause your back pain as you need to bend a bit to collect the ball.

And this is the everyday scenario. Here comes a tennis hopper. It will save you time and you can easily pick up the balls without bending or doing any manual work.

Another most useful benefits are capacity. As we told before, people use it to keep their tennis balls. You can keep hundreds of tennis balls at a time. If you’re practicing with the other players the coach needs to carry that amount, so it becomes a real blessing.

Why Customer Should Buy These Tennis Balls Pickers?

Well, as we put some real effort and did some good research, we can ensure that you will find your dream tennis ball hopper from this guideline. We went through each and every detail of the products. Also, we checked out the customer feedback and question-answer section for each product.

Thus we make sure, you get your best tennis ball hoppers from here. To make it easier for you, we add the pros and cons section where you will get both the good things as well as the negative aspects of each product.

Let’s check out our research-based top 5 best tennis ball hoppers.

Wilson Tennis Ball Hopper

Wilson is always a well-known tennis brand. Besides the tennis ball, it now has this tennis hopper which generally comes first due to its premium quality and other great feature.

Wilson Tennis Ball Hopper

Wilson tennis ball hopper also is known as Wilson 75 tennis ball hopper it can carry up to 75 tennis balls at a time.

Durable plated steel is used to build this hopper. At the same time, this is the most budgeted hopper in the market right now. You can easily identify its popularity from the customer rating. It has the highest rating among the other tennis hoppers.

The hopper has no split lid, as a result, you will find your tennis ball secure, and once collected they will be in the basket until you pick it up. This is a rare feature you will find in a tennis hopper.

However, all those excellent features help us to make it our no. 1 choice in our best tennis ball hoppers list.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this amazing hopper.


  • No split lid. Naturally, this feature comes first. As we told before, this is the most important part of a hopper. It will not allow your tennis balls to fall down, even if you are in a rush, this hopper will firmly hold your tennis balls. This is awesome, right?
  • Budget-friendly hopper. Being the best hopper, Wilson tennis ball hopper comes up with such a price that will easily fit in your budget.
  • Weight. Now another most crucial part is here. Weight is another important concern for a tennis player or coach. Since you need to carry your hopper, you need to make sure the weight is lighter. Otherwise, it will bother you. But the good news is that this best tennis hopper is light in weight. So, no worries.
  • Folds flat. Another excellent feature. If you need to travel a lot with your tennis hopper, then you should make sure you can fold your hopper easily. It will save both time and space.


  • This hopper has no wheels. This might be tedious to keep this hopper in hand with 75 tennis balls. After a while, you might feel uncomfortable.
  • Need some maintenance. Over a certain time period, you may find that the screw is getting loose. So it requires tightening up a bit.
  • Assemble might need some extra tools.

Check out the link below for the updated price.

Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper

Are you looking for a hopper with more space and extra durability along with a lightweight? Tourna Bellport Tennis Hopper is for you.

Tourna Ballport Tennis ball hopper

Having the capacity of holding 80 tennis balls, will become your good choice. Also, the polypropylene body ensures a seamless and smooth user experience. You will just love this feature. At the same time, you get a long-lasting hopper. So, if you have a durability issue you can get relief after having this tennis hopper.

Tourna makes sure you have an easy-to-use option there in their tennis hopper. You can easily set up this hopper without taking any major assemble. Again. You will get the lock system there. If you want you can lock the legs so that they won’t move and you can use the handles as the legs. This is great.

What about collecting balls? Well, this hopper comes up with an easy process to collect the tennis balls. There is a floating bar system that will allow the balls picked up without scuffing. This is another most interesting and useful feature.


  • Capacity. It has enough space to hold 80 tennis balls easily.
  • Lighter weight. Having 4 lbs will give you 50% less weight compared to the other hopper of similar capacity.
  • Durability. Polypropylene makes it ultra-durable. It will last for years, ultimately, saves you some good dollars.
  • Locking system. The handles of this hopper came up with a good locking system. When you need to use the handles as the legs, you can lock and stop them from moving around.
  • Budget-friendly hopper.
  • Easy to carry and transport.


  • Slightly shorter standing height.
  • Screws that come with a need to have a replacement within a short time.

Go through the link below if you need more info.

Gamma Sports Tennis Ball Hopper 

Another good customer rating tennis ball hopper. At the same time, if capacity is your primary concern, you should check this hopper it would be the best tennis hopper for you as it comes with a capacity of holding up to 140 tennis balls. This is awesome, right?

Gamma tennis Ball Hoppers

Gamma comes with different size hoppers for the consumer. It has 50 to 140 tennis balls holding capacity.

Moreover, the materials are all premium in quality, for instance, carbon steel wire with Gamma’s premium diamond-clad weather-resistant coating is used. Therefore, you will find your hopper new after using it for years. Thus, you will get a durable tennis hopper within your budget.

Gamma also doesn’t compromise the design. You will find a premium and quality designed hopper. And this is worth mentioning features. Some people are worried about the design and outlook. They will get just what they wanted. So, it’s good to go option all way around.

You get some good idea about Gamma’s tennis hopper, right? Let’s have a look at their pros and cons.


  • Different size: This is considered the primary feature of this hopper.
  • Weather-resistant coating: this is another amazing feature. As a player or a coach, you need to carry your hopper outside. There might be different weather, it will not bother you anymore if you buy this best tennis ball hopper.
  • Smart and updated Lid: No complexity at the time of picking up tennis balls. It comes with a smart lid option for you. It will save both your time and effort. A useful feature, right?
  • No complicated assemble: Easy to use is another good feature of this hopper. You don’t need to worry about the setup and other pieces of stuff.
  • Modern outlook and smart design.


  • Legs issue: in some cases, the smaller capacity hopper comes up with unreliable legs. But if you buy their gold version there will be no issues.
  • Weight: Compare to the other hoppers, you will find it slightly heavier. But keep in mind you get more space to hold your tennis balls.

Here you go with the link.

Tourna Bellport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels

If you want all way around the solution for your tennis hopper, Tourna has the best and perfect solution. Along with all the premium quality and important features, it has a wheel option for you.

 This is the most desired and excellent part of a tennis hopper. It will give a good experience and bring some good memories to your playing career.

Tourna ballport deluxe tennis bal hopper with wheels

Besides the hopper’s wheel, you will get a locking system and good security as well. Also, you find good grips too. The legs are also useful. You easily can pick up the balls. This is much easier than the other hopper. 

At the same time, this tennis hopper is light in weight. Tourna claims their tennis hopper has 50% less weight compared to the others. However, all together this is good a deal.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of this deluxe tennis hopper.


  • Capacity: It can hold up to 80 tennis balls at a time. Good enough, right?
  • Wheels: This makes the hopper special from the other hoppers. Wheels make it easier to carry for everyone. From adults to aged people, wheels will make sure you don’t have any extra burden.
  • Light Weight: 50% less weight than in general hoppers.
  • Locking System: Handles have a locking system, so no issues for up and down movement. As a result, legs are also secure. There is no way to legs falls out.
  • Stress-free pickup: Did you find yourself struggling with the pickup? This hopper comes with your solution. You can easily pick up your tennis balls. There is a patented bar to give you the best pick-up experience.
  • Different colors: It has 3 different colors for your convenience, red, black, and blue. This will be useful in organizing your balls and drills in your practice.


  • Longer handles. Although you might need a longer handle, 33.5 inches handles might be an issue for someone. If this is fine, you are good to go.
  • Assemble: this is not a pre-assembled hopper, You need to give some time and effort, it might take a bit longer than your expectation.

You may click on the link and make your purchase.

Gamma Tennis Ballhopper Balltube 18

Gamma tennis Ball Hoppers balltube

Have just started practicing tennis? Do want to have a lighter and smaller tennis ball hopper?

There is a piece of good news for you. Gamma has come up with the best tennis hopper for beginners and kids. Having the capacity of holding 18 tennis balls, this is an excellent choice for toddlers who are just learning to play tennis.

If you don’t want to carry the normal hopper, this will become your first choice. It will easily fit in your hands. Kids will love to use this Balltube to collect their tennis balls. Being lighter weight, and premium built quality, Gamma tennis Ball hopper Balltube 18 is a budgeted tennis hopper.

It’s time to check out the Pros and Cons.


  • Easy Pickup: This is the primary feature of this Ball tube. It will fit in your hand, and you can easily pick up the tennis balls. This feature is also an excellent one for the kids.
  • Lighter weight: Generally, it comes with less weight. The weight is less than 2lbs which is very handy. This feature will also assist you to carry. You can keep this Balltube and carry it wherever you want.
  • Quick pickup: Here comes another useful feature. You can very quickly collect your tennis balls. Coach and players find this helpful in this regard.
  • Durability: As it comes with rubber and plastic materials, you can get relief in terms of durability. It will last for years.
  • Kids will have fun with this Ball tube.


  • Small Capacity: If capacity is your first priority, you should avoid this one. This is something that makes players and kids easy to carry and easy to pick up an option. And small capacity makes it possible. This is the main difference between the general hopper and this beautiful Ball tube.

Go through the link and buy your dream hopper! also, you can easily find out the best tennis rackets for your kids.

FAQs(Best Tennis Ball Hoppers)

Which one is the best tennis hopper?

The answer would depend on some factors. But overall, Wilson Tennis Ball Hopper is the good one. If you read out the pros and cons and other related kinds of stuff, you will see this is the best combination of great features.

At the same time, if you consider hopper wheels, you should go for the Tourna Bellport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper. And, obviously, if you need a smaller capacity hopper for you or the kids, you definitely select the Gamma Tennis Ball hopper Ball tube.

Which factors should be taken into consideration while buying a tennis ball basket?

Capacity, User experience, customer feedback, last but not least price.

What about the warranty and guarantee?

Ask customer care. For most of the hoppers, you will get a good warranty. Don’t forget to check out the question-answer section if you have more queries.

Final Words

Now you have some good ideas about the hoppers, right? We tried to cover up everything one might need to select the best tennis ball hoppers. We went through the customer feedback as well. There are hundreds of alternatives available, but, you should go for the one which best suited you.

Therefore, before buying, do some searches online or make your priority list. It will help you a lot, otherwise, you might choose the wrong hoppers as there are thousands of different reasons for buying a hopper.

Some people give capacity as the first priority, others may consider durability as their primary concern. That is why it is important to find out your needs.

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However, we put some real effort and invest some quality time researching so that we can give you the best solution. Yet, if you think we missed something, don’t forget to comment below. We appreciate your words.

Best wishes to you and your hopper!

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